[Efficacy and Function of Walnut Kernel]_Benefits_Efficacy

Everyone thinks that there are no other uses for walnuts. Apart from being used as wood in daily life, there is no other medicinal value. The only medicinal value is walnut skin and walnut kernels.It can be made into furniture or medicine for Yancheng.

The main value of the walnut canopy is majestic, the trunk is white, the leaves are lush, and the ground is covered with shade.

Walnut tree is tough and flexible, flexible, fine in texture, and beautiful in color. It is commonly known as fake alder. It is a superior material used in the military and furniture industries.

Process value Walnut shell can be processed into works of art and beautiful, its shell is hard and not easy to deteriorate.

Seeding 8?
Seeds are harvested in September, peeled, dried, and stored.

Soak the seeds with cold water in mid-March 2?
3 days, remove the wet sand and pile it in the sun.

High 30?
35cm, covered with 10cm thick wet sand, sprinkled with water once a day to keep moist, covered with straw curtain or film at night to keep warm, 10?
After 15 days, the husks crack, and they can be planted when exposed.

Select once a day, sowing in batches, sowing should be sufficient when sowing.

Press line spacing 40 first?
50cm open trench, plant spacing according to 15?
20cm on-demand, when the two stitching lines are parallel to the ground, the depth is 3 meters away from the ground.
5cm is appropriate, compaction and soil protection after soil cover, seeding volume of about 100kg / mu, seedling yield of 7000?
8000 plants / mu.