[Encyclopedia of the practice of bean curd cake]_ how to do _ home practice

The bean curd cake is a relatively famous traditional cake in Chaozhou. The bean curd cake is soft and fragrant, and has a special flavor in the sweetness. The shape of the curd cake is very small, even aromatic and delicious, and it is very nutritious. It is very popular with everyoneWelcome, in fact, the curd cake is not difficult to make, but the production method is very particular. What is the method of curd cake?

The method of curd cake is introduced in detail below.

The practice of fermented bean curd first introduces the production of fermented bean curd filling.

After the glutinous rice is cooked, it is ground into young powder. These powders are called cake powder. The peanut kernels are fried, and the young seeds are ground. The sesame is fried. The white pork is marinated with white sugar, and then cut into young cubes.

Put peanut kernels, sesame seeds and white diced meat in a large bowl, add garlic and whole milk, mix with rice wine, sugar powder, cake powder, and then add the right amount of peanut oil (or lard), stir well, It becomes the stuffing of curd cake.

Let’s introduce the making of curd crust.

Add an appropriate amount of soda to the flour, edible soda ash, sieve through a dense sieve, then add oil, sugar oil (sugar oil is put white sugar in a pot, add a small amount of water, and dissolve with slow heat), knead hard to serve.

After filling the finished leather bag with filling, it is shaped with a pie stamp, and then the pie dough is brushed with egg syrup, and it is cooked in the oven for about 5 minutes.

It should be noted that in the process of simmering, you must take it out in the middle and pour some peanut oil on the bottom of the simmering plate, which is the same as when we are frying something, we need to add some oil to the pan.

Preparing tools and materials for the practice of curd cake.

The second step is to shred the pork. The third step is to chop the pork. Be careful not to wash!

The fourth step is to cut small pieces of white pork (pure white without lean meat from the lower part of the neck), add 100g of red rot milk, 750g of sugar, and 50g of white wine.

Stir well, put into a fresh-keeping bag, and refrigerate for three days and three nights!

Step 5 After three days, take out the stir-fry until completely transparent.

First fry the meat until it is transparent, stir up the moisture, then add the quatin, cooked glutinous rice noodles, black sesame, and ground peanuts (all cooked)

Stir well.

Put in other things to absorb the moisture, then it is dry and can be kneaded into a ball.


The sixth step is to mix all the ingredients of the dough, and knead it into a ball. The seventh step is covered with plastic wrap and suspended for half an hour.

Step 8: Take out the scales and weigh out the small grains.

Watch your mold do it.

Proportion according to skin 4 stuffing 6.

The skin is thicker. If it is too thin, it will be roasted in the oven and the white pork will become oily and deform.

(There is no black sesame at home, and white sesame is used instead. Black is not good-looking.) Step 9 is flattened.

Step 10 Wrap the filling.

The eleventh step closes.

Step 12 Dip the cooked glutinous rice flour (outside the formula) into the mold.

The thirteenth step is double round.

The fourteenth step is traditional.

Bake on the oven for 180 times and 200 fires, gold plate for 5 minutes, brush egg yolk water, and bake for 5 minutes to color.

Take it out and let it cool down into the box to seal it.

Cooking tips 1.

First fry the meat until it is transparent, fry the water, then add other things, add the other things to absorb the water, and then it is dry and can be kneaded into a ball.

Look at it a few more times, and then do it after understanding so that you do n’t waste anything.


Glutinous rice noodles and black hemp, I fry them in a non-stick pan and stir-fry.


The cooked peanuts are crushed. I roast them in a beautiful microwave.Formulated on a plate for about 5 minutes.

You can notice that the temperature of various brands is not the same.

It is also possible to bake in the oven, it may take longer.

After baking, rub the skin off and blow it off.

Chopped peanuts.