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Matsutake, also known as pine mushroom, is a rare mushroom with a scientific name of Tricholoma matsutake. It has a high nutritional value and can prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases and prevent malignant tumors.

There are many types of matsutake, which can be divided into fresh products, dried products, freeze-dried products, etc. When you buy matsutake, it must involve the placement problem. Many people care about it.

So, how long can Matsutake stay in the refrigerator?

Let’s take a look below.

Can Matsutake be frozen? Generally, Matsutake can be stored in the refrigerator.

Putting matsutake into the refrigerator can relatively extend its shelf life.

If Matsutake is frozen, you can store it at minus 10 degrees and freeze it.

If you buy fresh matsutake, first scrape the soil off with a knife (not cut it!

), And then rinse with water.

The action of washing and removing soil must be fast. In summer, the temperature is very high, and the pine mushroom quickly opens the umbrella within 2 hours, and the cell wall becomes dehydrated and softened.

The washed matsutake can be dried with a towel, and then placed directly in a freezer below minus 20 degrees Celsius (firstly, use a safety bag in the refrigerator compartment. Matsutake is usually tiled and should not be stacked).

When it freezes for a few days, take it out, put it in a sealed material pocket, and put it in a storage below -15 degrees Celsius.

Tip: When you want to eat, boil the water and put the frozen matsutake directly. This is the best.

Can maintain the taste and texture of food ingredients.

How to preserve matsutake best at room temperature Fresh matsutake is easy to spoil, but can be stored for a long time if handled properly at room temperature. Wrap fresh matsutake with fresh cabbage and coconut in a cool place.Sprinkle some water on the leaves to keep them fresh1?
2 days.

The freshest matsutake is the most delicious, but it is also the most difficult to keep. It only takes a few hours to change color and deterioration at room temperature. The low temperature of the refrigerator can alleviate the deterioration of matsutake. After washing the matsutake, wrap it in plastic wrap and putCan the refrigerator keep fresh in the fresh layer 2?
4 days.

Dried preserved matsutake can be used for drying just like other mushrooms. Wash the fresh matsutake, cut into thin slices, dry in the sun, and then put it in a dry paper box.Medications can be stored together for 1?
No deterioration for 3 years.

Freshly preserved matsutake can also be transported over long distances. Just freeze the matsutake before transportation, wash the fresh matsutake, put it in the frozen layer of the refrigerator, and adjust the temperature to about -10 degrees Celsius for rapid freezing. This frozen matsutake is frozen.It can be kept fresh and suitable for long distance transportation.

Salted preservation method Put the whole fresh matsutake in boiling water for about 5 minutes, drain it, put it in a container, and sprinkle with salt.

The salt can increase the precipitation of the matsutake, and the amount of salt is that the precipitated solution tastes salty.

When eating, remove the matsutake and rinse it with water several times before cooking.